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There is a shortage of single-family housing across the U.S. The Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies found that, since 2007, new home construction has been depressed relative to demand, with “additions to supply just keeping pace with the number of new households”. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted this dynamic, with the shortage of affordable and attainable housing in the fastest growing metro areas becoming even more acute. 


Despite the increased demand for housing - especially affordable, attainable, and single-family rental - all indications are that the number of finished lots available to home builders will continue to fall short of end demand for the foreseeable future. Many developers cite a lack of available and appropriate land financing as a key impediment to delivering suitable inventory.   


Sétanta was formed to address this issue.  Drawing on the directly relevant experience of Sétanta’s principals, the Lot Loan program provides acquisition and development financing to select developers in key markets across the country, with a focus exclusively on affordable and attainable housing. Sétanta combines industry connectivity and understanding with institutional underwriting, documentation and servicing.  Loans are thus structured to address the needs of borrowers and their home builder partners.


Through its longstanding developer relationships, Sétanta intends to close deals on a repeat basis with borrowers that have the ability to scale in growing markets. The result is a platform that can deploy significant capital on an annual basis, backing proven developers that are delivering sought after product. 

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